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Striata Reader (v 2.31-2)

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Striata Reader User Agreement

Security tips

This website and downloads are secured by SSL. Double check the address and click the lock icon in your browser address bar to view certificate information.

Phishing tips

Protect yourself against fraud by understanding what a phishing email looks like and what to do.

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Safety tips

Always report emails that request your banking details, regardless of what reason they may provide. Emails that request your details are phishing attempts to steal your data.

You will never be asked to supply your banking details to view statements with the Striata Reader.

Never input your banking details via any link in an email.

Why do I need a Reader?

The Striata Reader enables you to view your secure Document that was emailed to you by your service provider.

For your convenience, the Striata Reader is functional on various operating systems - select the Striata Reader installer that matches your operating system

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Get the Striata Reader for other devices.

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